Now represented By Common Era

I am pleased to announce that my work will now be represented by the wonderful team at Common Era. 

At its heart, common era is an agency that represents a handful of carefully curated visual artists. Photography and image making is our passion — we strive to forge lasting relationships with both our artists and our clients.

My galleries, including lots of new work can be viewed here

Please contact Kevin at for commercial enquiries 

Vogue Living

I recently had Designer Simone McEwan in the studio to shoot portraits for a feature in Vogue Living.

Simone’s work can be viewed at

Brownlee Brothers for Warner

British triathlete brothers, Jonathan and Alistair Brownlee have partnered with Cartoon Network UK to support the latest phase of its anti-bullying campaign. The initiative encourages kids and young people to “Be a Buddy, Not a Bully” and aims to raise awareness and empower young people to take positive action against bullying.

Happy New Year

Thank you to all those that I have worked with and collaborated with to make 2016 another productive and creative year. I look forward to working with you all in 2017 (image from new year on dartmoor)

New Personal project started

Growing up by the sea makes it hard to live in London sometimes. This new personal project is based on the ocean and my relationship with it. This will be a long term project spending time by the water and exploring its moods and textures. These first images were shot in Cornwall in Autumn.

Shortlisted for the AOP Awards - Environment Single

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Seven of the top ten fastest growing cities by visitor number over the last six years are in Asia. Sri Lanka’s capital city, Colombo, leads the pack with a 21.1 % growth in visitor numbers.
Like many industrialising countries balancing the growth of a city with the need of its people and the requirements of the millions of visitors and tourists is a difficult task. For its religious and cultural residents the new prosperity also brings an upheaval in their way of life, and for some who do not fit into the portrait of the new wealthy and prosperous elite, it is a bus ride back out to the fringes of the city.

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