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26/07/2020 - Comments Off on Hackney New School

Hackney New School

I recently shot a series of Images for Hackney New School

The brief was to work with the pupils at Hackney New School in London to create a set of images modernising and updating their marketing after a new team was brought in to help the struggling school.

I worked closely with the staff and pupils to create portraits and lifestyle images that reflect the school's personality, diversity, and desire to achieve.

13/07/2020 - Comments Off on These Four Walls

These Four Walls

Lockdown has been hard for lots of us.

I made this short film as an exercise to engage and talk to my daughter about mental health. It was a way to get her to be able to talk about the issue with me in an informal way. With the isolation and the pressures of lockdown on young adults and children becoming a concern, we explored the issue together and created a day in the life scenario that was reflective of her feeling of isolation and being confined by the four walls of our flat.

Click the image below for the video that we made: