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Jax Jones for House of Solo Magazine

Jax Jones, is an English DJ, record producer, songwriter, and remixer.

I recently got to shoot Jax for the current British issue of House of Solo, around Shoreditch in east London




Channel 5 Surgery Live

On Wednesday, 14th  November 2018, Mr Steven Millington will perform a total knee replacement surgery live on Channel 5. This rare opportunity invites the audience behind the scenes for a unique experience. The life-changing operation will be presented stripped-back and uncut from inside the operating theatre at The Royal London Hospital of Barts Health NHS Trust. The largely unmediated insight into surgery is aiming to present the incredible skills and teamwork that the procedure demands. Their lives – his hands.



Maxamillion for House of Solo Magaine

Maximillian is the name of the Copenhagen crooner who, at the tender age of 19, finds himself at the crossroads of leaving adolescence and catapulting himself into the world of music off the back of his latest single, Hollow Days. As far as ages and stages go, this is surely a significant one, evoking a whole host of conflicting emotions. Musically, these emotions all seem to be tussling it out for the spotlight in his diverse work






Four of Diamonds

I recently had the pleasure of shooting with Four of Diamonds for House of Solo magazine












Sir Kenneth Grange

I was asked to photograph Sir Kenneth Grange by Camden Town Brewery after he designed them a new iconic beer glass.


Sjaniel and Riley

A few personal moments with Sjaniel and her son Riley. Shot for them to preserve a bit of this time together.