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13/07/2020 - Comments Off on These Four Walls

These Four Walls

Lockdown has been hard for lots of us.

I made this short film as an exercise to engage and talk to my daughter about mental health. It was a way to get her to be able to talk about the issue with me in an informal way. With the isolation and the pressures of lockdown on young adults and children becoming a concern, we explored the issue together and created a day in the life scenario that was reflective of her feeling of isolation and being confined by the four walls of our flat.

Click the image below for the video that we made:

08/06/2020 - Comments Off on Nike – Dina Asher-Smith

Nike – Dina Asher-Smith

If you asked me what a perfect commission would be, this would be high on my list.

A night shoot on the track with British superstar and record holder Dina Asher-Smith for Nike. Despite the freezing February conditions and time constraints we had great fun shooting this material for the launch of the React Infinity shoe.





01/05/2020 - Comments Off on Lockdown


What a crazy month it has been!

After an emergency recall from a once-in-a-lifetime trip surfing in the Mentawi Islands, We have been trying to get used to the new conditions that we all face, with work on hold and little other real life human interaction I have been keeping my creative process flowing by observing my family at home. It has been a pleasure to spend so much time with my kids. Although I think when this is all over they may never let me take a picture of them again!











01/03/2020 - Comments Off on Southbank – Eco Age/Vivo Barefoot

Southbank – Eco Age/Vivo Barefoot

I was asked to shoot an editorial for Eco Age in conjunction with Vivi Barefoot.

The set of images below were shot at the southbank using eco/ethical strategies for the clothing and makeup. It was both a pleasure and an educational experience to work with a team dedicated to ethical fashion and creative processes.















16/02/2020 - Comments Off on Rollacoaster


AW story shot for Rollacoaster magazine near my home town in Cornwall.

I had always wanted to shoot in this spot where I used to play as a kid. I was fortunate enough that Rollacoaster gave me the opportunity



01/02/2020 - Comments Off on Japan/Hong Kong – Personal Work

Japan/Hong Kong – Personal Work

I was lucky enough to have a long commercial job in Asia at the beginning of the year. With a few days off in between shoots I was able to spend some time on the streets of Hong Kong and Tokyo. The beautiful winter light of Japan and the amazing character of Hong Kong giving me the opportunity to produce some observational personal work.


















15/01/2020 - Comments Off on Gusto


I was recently commissioned by Gusto to produce images for their Food delivery service for use across multiple platforms. We had fun creating and shooting their recipe's with a family and a couple.












01/01/2020 - Comments Off on Homeland – Phoenix Magazine

Homeland – Phoenix Magazine

For the Homeland issue of Phoenix I took a trip to Cornwall to shoot near my home town at the tip of England.











16/12/2019 - Comments Off on Portrait Salon

Portrait Salon

Next week this image of Bob will be shown at the Royal Photographic Society's gallery as part of the 2019 Portrait Salon exhibition - this year edited by Peter Dench
Bob had his first heart attack in his early 20’s he has been living with heart failure for many years.
Now in his 70’s Bob has to manage his life carefully day to day to cope with the exhaustion of living with a little understood condition that affects a million people across the UK.
He spends 20mins in the morning taking his various pills to help with his HF and diabetes and the resulting conditions that domino.
He has chairs around the house to rest as he moves about, and uses a wheeled chair to move around the kitchen to cook.
Bob recently had to give up one of his passion of lawn bowling as he could not manage to walk from one end of the green to the other.
This campaign required spending time with people who have heart failure and capturing their daily lives.
It was such a pleasure to spend time with these amazing people and be given the opportunity to make images of their lives.

01/12/2019 - Comments Off on Jordan Mackampa – Pentagon Magazine

Jordan Mackampa – Pentagon Magazine

Soulful and stunning, Jordan Mackampa has been wowing audiences with his rich vocals and enlightened songwriting since the release of his critically acclaimed “Physics” EP last year.

Having been championed for his poet-like lyricism, Jordan is now releasing his newest EP, “Tales from the Broken”. Blending in elements from his Congolese heritage, the Coventry-based songwriter uses gospel-tinged harmonies and folk-like melodies to create warm and captivating beats. With tracks that can equally tear at your heartstrings and fill you with joy, it’s a complex and compelling record, showing the talent that Jordan possesses.