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Portraits for STAMMA.ORG

I was asked by The British Stammering Association to take some portraits of their members for a website and brand update to

I knew very little about stammering before I was asked to take these pictures, it is a very under represented and little understood condition.
About 8% of children will stammer at some point, but most will go on to talk fluently. For up to 3% of adults it will be a lifelong condition. Stammering affects mainly men and every ethnicity.
There is no link between stammering and intellectual capacity. Like other neurological conditions, it covers a spectrum, everyone stammers differently and to different degrees. For some there’ll be periods of their life when they stammer less and others when they will struggle to speak. Many find that as they get older the condition improves.

Stammering has been used as a device to make people laugh and to indicate dishonesty or low intelligence. This stereotyping, and the frustration caused by the difficulty of talking with others, has led many to avoid stammering and find ways of sounding ‘normal’. You may know someone who stammers ‘a little’, or be surprised to hear that someone you know well tells you that they stammer. Societal expectations mean that people will often try to avoid stammering. They will anticipate speaking situations and plan for them. They may swap a word they expect to stammer on. Or they may keep what they say to the bare minimum. They may arrive late to a meeting to avoid introducing themselves.

The physical act of stammering can be a tiny part of the experience. The bigger part is often the mental machinations that someone who stammers endures. Anticipating times when they'll need to talk, the negative responses, the ever-present expectation that they need fixing or just need to breathe properly. Feelings of shame, embarrassment, anger, anxiety and fear. Frustration that saying one’s name – the one thing that most people who stammer will find hard to say – will stymie their every encounter. The frustration of not being taken seriously.
















Charlie Howard for Phoenix magazine

When Charlie Howard published a frank open letter to her ex modelling agency on social media in 2015, it kick-started a conversation about modelling ethics, body image and mental health that would ripple through her industry and change her career forever. Phoenix Mag interviewed this lovely human and super-polymath (these days she’s a model-activist-author-podcaster) in The Holiday Issue for SS19














Freestyle football for Euro 2020

A set of images created for UEFA to promote 'Your Move' freestyle football for Euro 2020

'Your Move' is inviting fans from all 12 host cities to express themselves through freestyle football and hopefully inspiring them to be part of the UEFA EURO 2020 finals. All football enthusiasts will have the opportunity to showcase their creativity and will be encouraged to submit videos of themselves performing unique freestyle moves that best represent their cities.






Japan/Hong Kong – Personal Work

I was lucky enough to have a long commercial job in Asia at the beginning of the year. With a few days off in between shoots I was able to spend some time on the streets of Hong Kong and Tokyo. The beautiful winter light of Japan and the amazing character of Hong Kong giving me the opportunity to produce some observational personal work.



















Surface Pro for Microsoft

Images from a recent shoot for Microsoft. The challenge was to create The largest Flat lay ever representing all of the parts of work and life of tec blogger Sofie Lindblom. Shot in a huge studio at Pinewood alongside a film this was a challenging but fun shoot.




Gemma Chan for Allure

I recently shot Gemma Chan for Allure US for a beauty feature in conjunction with the release of the smash hit Crazy Rich Asians.


Kevin Magnussen for Netflix

Kevin Magnussen shot for Netflix. Drive to survive premieres in early 2019. The much anticipated show gets behind the scenes with drivers and garages in a fly on the wall documentary of life in the fast lane.


Ones to Watch 19 – Phoenix Magazine

Shooting 12 different people for Phoenix Magazine ones to watch in 2019 feature in one day was a fun challenge. Luckily everyone involved was amazing and we got some great results from some up and coming stars, and some already smashing their way onto stereos and screens around the world.

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